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Possibilities with Nuvu are endless. Online presentations you've never seen before, and video meetings that feel almost as if you're present in the room. And all this you can actually do alone in Nuvu smartstudio™. This just needs to be tried!

Great Presentations

With Nuvu smartstudio™ is like standing on a stage with your presentation behind you. Move and interact with your presentation in a unique way. This is Nuvu at its very best.

Engaging Video Meetings

You can move around, zoom in and out, use body language and gestures, just like we do when we meet each other for real. Nuvu is the end of boring video meetings.

Inspirational training

With a simple video from your own mobile phone in the background, you can, for example, show employees/customers around the company, without you or the employee being physically present. This is Nuvu magic

Professional Conferences

With Nuvu smartstudio™ allows you to finally make digital conferences that are experienced by participants as if they are present in the hall. It's a lot easier than you can imagine and we'll show you how.

Sales and marketing

Sales meetings, product presentations, walk-around in store or show-room. The possibilities are almost endless. With Nuvu is this simple, very close to reality and you save both time and money.

Produce your own content

With Nuvu smartstudio™ has all the tools you need to produce your own content. Record your own videos for marketing, training or the like. This is simple and professional.

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This is Nuvu smartstudio™

! 1


Powerful PC with hard drive for recording productions

! 2


Table with keyboard, mouse and microphone. To govern Nuvu

! 3

Support Screens

Displays alternate viewpoints and angles for the presenter.

! 4

Main screen

Displays what is presented to the recipient.

! 5


Specially developed lamps for high video quality.

! 6


Very high quality camera (FHD resolution).

! 7

Control Panel

From here you control the meeting or presentation (not pictured)

! 8


We supply complete greenscreen to the room (not pictured)

! 9

Support Screens

Displays alternate views and angles for presenter. (not pictured)

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Usually we conduct demonstration online. This takes from 30 min to 1 hour. Do you want to see Nuvu studio physically then we make appointments with one of our clients across the country. Get in touch for a demonstration!